Starry​-​Eyed Samurai

by Starry-Eyed Samurai

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released September 23, 2012

All songs written and performed by Starry-Eyed Samurai 2010-2012.

Colin Bradford - Guitar
Brian Brancheau - Bass
Erin Mario - Vocals
Mike Rimoin - Keys
Jeff Vaudrin-McLean - Drums

Bass and drums recorded at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA. Engineered by Chris Rahm.

Guitar, keys, and vocals recorded at Houdini's Tree Studios, Seattle, WA.

Engineered by David Green. Produced by Starry-Eyed Samurai and David Green.

Mixed by David Green and Chris Green at Houdini's Tree Studios.

Mastered by Rick Fischer at RFI Mastering House, Seattle, WA.

Artwork and graphic design by Erin Mario and Blake Lyons.



all rights reserved


Starry-Eyed Samurai Seattle, Washington

Starry-Eyed Samurai is a 5-piece progressive alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington.

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Track Name: Staggered
I'm counting the ways that you used to know me
I've traced my way through all these old mazes
I have to sigh to keep breathing
I'm peeling back layers so I can remember
The fine lines between the pages that you'd write
I'm awake from the inside

The threading is loose, so keep sifting
I've got these shards for you
They're tucked away for safe keeping
But don't be fooled, it will be gone soon
These fine lines between the pages that you'd write
I'm awake from the inside

You're tired of being read
So don't leave me in the quiet
Have sight...
for me
Track Name: Ascending
Lifted from his cage
The little boy
He drowns, he draws the sun
He screams to you
"In night, it blooms -
It's taking me all"

Oh he dreams the dead...

Unkempt and elastic
With clouded veins
His savior is nothing to hold
Untied without laces
Unmasked tired faces
His destiny is sold

Oh he dreams the dead...

Don't you look back on these cages
Don't you look back
Track Name: Windmills in Spain
Hear her call its name at night (far)
Wonder where it wants to go (far)
Biding by the river's time (far)
She falls within its gentle meadow

Light these hills on fire
I can't take this shame

Catch the splinters in your palms (mar)
From the fall's sullen bones (mar)
Build a room of empty thrones (mar)
Ignite the land you never chose

Light these hills on fire
I can't take this shame

Why don't you run from the flames
Quench your thirst
Insatiable in lust
I never allowed redemption here

Light these hills on fire
I can't take this shame

Hear her call it's name at night
Track Name: Tranquility Cab
Wired and choking up
Just wading through
The experienced are loosening their views
Torn from memories you once knew
Nice distraction for your gold debut

Save my eyes
Save my eyes
Oh you, blistered-sweet
Red burns cold
Deceives me

Aren't you ashamed of what it has to be?
All your self-assertions are left unclean

Save my eyes
Save my eyes
Oh you, blistered sweet
Red burns cold
Deceives me
I can't discern the ocean
From the waves you feel, you fill
with bitter sea
Track Name: Crystal Spaceships
Safely in my vision I wait
Quiet in the night I stay
And I will come home
And I will be heard
With these ships that pull you with
the aching flow

So tired of running in the ether
Just left to the trees that hold us
Well here is my window
Here is my shadow that I'm bound to
And here, here is my body
Here is my silence
I'm left with to -

Give up to you...

I'm high and I won't come down
From the windsails in the waking breeze
I'm taken but it feels I'm free
For the tides have changed their ways
And I will come home
And I will be heard

Let go
Into the empty
Into the chambers
Into the vault of your mind
Let go
Into the arms
Into the spell
Out of the walls of our kind
It's all around us
It's inside -

Here is the window
Here, here is the shadow
And here, here is my shell
Here is my casing that I've left you
I will come home...
Let go...
I will come home...
Track Name: Fences
Lay down all expectations
I've been here before in these halls
Your eyes speak to the wires
in the vibrations of echoing walls

They're falling down
Between the arrows of our lives
Fences will be found
We're changing under these floodlights
Through every care that we've designed
We'll act it out through the rust

Unwind all the equations
In the left field of every rewrite
Take back all of your questions
From the summation of wronging our rights

Nature won't comply
Without eating time
You want to talk about it
I want to wait and destroy
(patience, please)
You ask what happened to it
I say it's best to be coy
(patience, please)

These are the fences we have built
I'll take my time and stay
These are the fences we've built
No time to run away
Track Name: Lights Pass On
Enter here:
A void where nothing ever sleeps
Why do you try to stay?
Why do you want to wake up empty
and alone again?
I'm still;
I'm still here,
Pulling pictures down -

Still burning at both ends
And you've learned nothing
And you're still wanting
And you're still hiding...

You're still hiding in my mind
And you're still hiding in my eyes
Had a lot of pictures fade, and
Had a lot of time to grow
But you're still hiding in my mind
Track Name: Eat Crow
Oh, you left me out in the cold
so you could walk across my skin
Barred from feeling again
Outside you stalked alone to my sounds
denied from the sacrificial lens
Prying underneath all the bends

I'll stay right behind
your mirrored ways

Implied without solitude some days
Fights ablush with pillowed rage
Looks like everything has died

I'll stay right behind
your mirrored ways
Then I can finally say
goodbye in my way
I'll lift this burden
so you can run

Unhitch your shoulders
from finished loads
Take off your armor, I'm retired
from this nettled mode

Fold your hand, it's over
No more waiting around
for miraculous encounters
to find their way to life
You have to let this go
You have to eat your words
Find the time to make amends
with these remnants in your hands
of yesterday...
Track Name: The Path
I am my bones
paper-thin velveteen
Scour at the roads
trailed from somber dreams

So let the teeth sink in too far
I won't fight it

I am my hope
invisible and plated
Blind to the chords
sent from my head

So let the teeth sink in too far
I won't fight it

I was always so wrong for this
And now I fall apart without it
Can I just find a place to rest
without your burn in my chest
In this gaping lie
Track Name: Cicada Tree
Winter has come and left us here
fed from your wine
Lift me into your hardened limbs
jaded and wise
We're breathing out of your wounds until
we find ourselves release
in sleep... like sheep

Tender leaves fall with gentleness
our peace consumed
by the fleeting hoards of mourned regrets
'til lives resume
We're bleeding out of your wounds until
we find ourselves release

Wake up the dawn through your fingertips
I'll carry on outside of this

Your promises save me
Bury down the old
Sights familiar and free
Meetings always bold

So stay...
and live one more time